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Together instead of against each other: NIKIN and Love your Neighbour are working together

Gepostet am 16 September 2020

NIKIN and Love your Neighbour are both sustainable and fair fashion labels from Switzerland. But instead of seeing themselves as competitors, they start a collaboration and jointly launch a limited fashion line.


NIKIN plants one tree per product. Love your Neighbour works according to the One + One principle, which means that for every product sold, they donate another product to those in need. Both are Swiss fashion labels that pay attention to sustainable and fair production. Where others would compete, the two companies have decided to work together – to give back even more to the world.

Limited edition with 222 products

A total of five different products are sold and 222 of each are produced. Half of them are available at the NIKIN webshop, the other half at Love your Neighbour. Every product sold gives something back to the world – in both NIKIN and Love your Neighbour ways. This means that for every product a tree is planted and a product is donated. The number 222 stands for what we have in common, for cooperation – for the fact that it takes two to create something extraordinary.

A common logo as a symbol 

The joint products are adorned with the logo developed especially for the cooperation. It shows both the NIKIN tree and the lettering "Love your Neighbour". The joint logo is a sign that the two brands not only print the logo of one on the product of the other, but actually work together. The choice of the logo was made in a vote. Both brands made suggestions which were later voted on. The winning logo can now be seen on all joint products.

The development of the collaboration and other exciting stories can also be found in the podcast video.



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