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How anyone can do something about deforestation

Posted on April 03 2018

Some of them have been in the same place for hundreds of years, defying wind and weather. They provide shade in hot summer days and provide protection in the rain. They are found in all sizes and shapes. Their wood can be processed into furniture of all kinds or serves as a source of heat in winter. Not only humans, but also animals, they provide shelter and food. They serve as templates in proverbs and in "Lord of the Rings" they are even humanized and mix in the battle for Middle-earth - of course with hobbits on the shoulders.

Right, I'm talking about the tree. The fact that this is an all-rounder, is also shown in the fact that it brings benefits, which some is certainly hidden. Until now!

Take a look at the exciting facts about the tree.

1.Like any plant, the tree produces oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis.

2.The tree filters dusts and particles from the air. That is why he is also called "green lung" of the city.

3.The tree stores carbon, which it extracts from the air. He makes an important contribution to climate change.

4.The forest floor stores large amounts of water and prevents flooding.

5.The forest offers countless animal and plant species at home.

6.The forest is a suitable place to relax and unwind.


Despite the benefits that human beings benefit from every day, the tree is not given as much respect everywhere as it deserves. Regardless, the forest clearing is carried out worldwide. This for reasons such as the exploitation of natural resources, the creation of agricultural land or the transformation of forests into plantations. As a result, 4.2 million hectares of jungle are lost every year. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), every second (!) A forest area in the world equivalent to half the size of a football field is destroyed. Brazil is hardest hit by the deforestation, followed by Indonesia and the Congo. In these countries, the rainforest, which protects the earth's surface from being clouded by vapor clouds, is the most drastic. Deforestation destroys our protective shield, so to speak.

If you now think that the current situation is worrying, but you can not do anything against the disappearing rainforest anyway, then you are completely wrong! Deforestation, regardless of where and to what extent it occurs, affects each of us. If you are aware of the manifold consequences of deforestation for the first time, it can hardly be ignored anymore. The consequences of global forest clearance range from the lack of habitat for plants and animals to the threat to biodiversity. An increase in greenhouse gases is promoted by the clearing and the climate change thus a further OK assured. In addition, indigenous peoples are losing their livelihood and natural disasters such as drought or floods will increasingly occur due to deforestation.

Do you still think that forest clearing is none of your business? No? OK then!

Then check out the following tips and you will see that they can be implemented by anyone - especially you.

2.You have already read what wonderful and useful features the tree brings. So defend yourself against deforestation and plant trees! Either with NIKIN in cooperation with OneTreePlanted or why do not you just try it yourself? A step-by-step guide can be found here: Baumpflegeportal.

3.We all know Google. But how about an alternative? Try! Ecosia is a search engine that provides 80% of its revenue for reforestation projects, such as of volcanic or mountain slopes. If you use Ecosia for more than 45 queries, you plant a tree yourself. Take a look - it's worth it!

4.Keep your paper usage as minimal as possible! Also NIKIN has set itself the goal of becoming paperless. That's why your bill will only be sent to you as a PDF by e-mail. Unfortunately, the shipping can not be waived yet; about alternatives but is eagerly discussed.

5.Since I will not advise you to do without toilet paper, I'll give you a tip anyway: Buy recycled. The same applies to paper which is printed with notes of your fellow students or for coffee mugs, carrier bags, etc. Pay attention to the next time you buy, whether no recycled alternative is offered. If yes, then in the shopping basket!

6.If we are already on the paper, make sure you choose FSC certified paper or paper from sustainably managed forests. If the paper costs a little more and you therefore first doubts arise, then remember that you do it against the world-wide widespread Waldrohdung - and finally for the next generation.

By the way, the day of the tree will take place on April 25th. How about planting your (first) tree?

1 comment

  • Franziska Dossenbach: April 04, 2018

    Ich bin einfach nur begeistert!
    Von A-Z eure Idee mit pro verkauftem Artikel (den meisten) einen Baum pflanzen zu lassen grossartig!
    Dieser Post beschreibt alles so gut und lässt einen auch hoffen das sich immer mehr Menschen Gedanken über all das machen.
    Ich danke euch für euren Einsatz für die Natur!

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