Trees planted

Trees planted


4.9 / 5.0 based on over 1'500 reviews

Trees planted

Trees planted


4.9 / 5.0 based on over 1'500 reviews


NIKIN in and for the media

We are a sustainable streetwear brand from Lenzburg in the canton of Aargau that plants a tree for every garment or accessory sold. Our main goal is to plant as many trees as possible, as well as to convey a sustainable lifestyle and make ecological and fairly produced fashion accessible for everyone.
Our story started in 2016 and has roots in the freestyle and outdoor sectors, which strongly influences our ideas, products and designs.

NIKIN Team 2017

f.l.t.r. Jeffrey Gnehm, Robin Gnehm, Lester Gnehm, Nicholas Hänny (2017)

 NIKIN Team 2018

NIKIN Team 2018

What do you need to know about us?

Who we are: Nicholas Hänny (1991) and Robin Gnehm (1992) (Co-Founders), currently 28 full and/or part-time employees.

What we are: a clothing and accessories brand since October 2016 and registered in the commercial register as NIKIN GmbH since January 2018. You can find the whole founding story here:

Where we are at home: 5600 Lenzburg (AG, Switzerland)

What we do: Online shop with physical representations in individual shops in Switzerland and Europe (including Zurich, Aarau and Chur).

What sets us apart: a tree is planted for every product sold, sustainable and fair production, flexible and customer-oriented service

How many trees have been planted through us: currently over 725,000 worldwide

Who do we work with:

> OneTreePlanted (non-profit organisation from the USA):

> BorneoOrangutanSurvival (non-profit organisation from Switzerland):


For more information about us or if you have any questions: nikin-uber-uns, @nikinclothing (Instagram/Facebook)

NIKIN Photos & Videos (High-Quality Download): NIKIN-media-gallery

Media office NIKIN:

Nora Willi
T +41 79 175 98 95


What has appeared about us in the media so far:

Publication by (by date):


> Aargauer Zeitung, 25.04.2019. (Print and online): NIKIN AZ 25.04.2019

NIKIN AZ 25.04.2019


> Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 24.04.2019 (Print)

NIKIN NZZ 24.04.2019


> Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 10.04.2019 (Online): NIKIN_NZZ_10.04.2019

NIKIN NZZ 10.04.2019


> Lenzburger Bezirks-Anzeiger, 03.04.2019. (Print and online): NIKIN_LBA_03.04.2019

NIKIN Lenzburger Bezirks-Anzeiger


> SWISS Magazine, p. 56/57 April, 01.04.2019. (Print and E-Paper): NIKIN_SWISS Magazine_01.04.2019

NIKIN Swiss Magazine


> Swiss Family, No. 13/28.03.2019. (Print and E-Paper): NIKIN_SF_28.03.2019

NIKIN Swiss family


> Swiss Illustrated, No. 10/08/2019. (Print and online): NIKIN_SI_08.03.2019

NIKIN Swiss Illustrated


> Aargauer Zeitung, 03.10.2018. (Print and online): NIKIN AZ 03.10.2018

NIKIN Aargauer Zeitung


> Lenzburger Bezirks-Anzeiger, 11.10.2017. (Print and online): NIKIN LBA 11.10.2017

NIKIN Lenzburger Bezirks Anzeiger