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Basic Circle Unisex

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The TreeSweater Basic Circle Unisex is the first TreeSweater with a trendy print design on the front and back and keeps you comfortably warm even on cool days. For every TreeSweater Basic Circle Unisex a tree will be planted by giving a part of the proceeds to our partner organisation OneTreePlanted who will plant a tree in your name


  • You'll receive a personalised tree-certificate (100% tree-free, made from organic waste of the sugar cane industry)
  • One tree will be planted (more info: Tree Planting)
  • Consisting of 100% certified organic cotton or mix of organic cotton (80/20 for Navy Mel or 75/25 for Grey Mel)
  • Fairly produced in Europe (Turkey)
  • Sizes: XS to XL (unisex)
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Slow: 4-5 days 
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