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The most beautiful Christmas markets in Switzerland 2023

We show you the most beautiful Christmas markets in Switzerland. Choosing them is not that easy, as there are over 100 Swiss Christmas markets! In fact, we seem to be a nation of industrious market-goers. But read for yourself...

When researching the most beautiful Christmas markets in Switzerland, we naturally looked at Swiss Tourism and found that the Christmas markets on offer there were pretty impressive. But then this list blew us away.



Since we haven't been to all of these Swiss Christmas markets and, to be honest, haven't looked at all of them online, our list is not exhaustive. If you are convinced that we have forgotten a nice Swiss Christmas market, be sure to leave us a comment!

At NIKIN you will find suitable products for the Advent season and for the cold evenings at the Christmas markets. Here are a few examples:

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Europe's best Christmas market is Swiss

One of the oldest Swiss Christmas markets is the Basel Christmas market. And according to European Best Destination, it is also the best Christmas market in Europe in 2021. A big plus in the market's favor is its long duration. From November 23 to December 23, you can stroll around the 130 stalls on Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz. You can find the opening times here.

The special Swiss Christmas market

By visiting this Swiss Christmas market, you're not just doing something good for yourself! A small Christmas market will be held at Biberstein Castle on December 2 and 3. There will be arts and crafts, Christmas decorations and much more on offer. The proceeds will go to the foundation, which uses the castle as a home and workplace for disabled people. Find out more about the Christmas market and the foundation's commitment here.

The most festive Swiss Christmas market

Probably the most festive Swiss Christmas market can be found a little higher up in beautiful Einsiedeln. From 1 to 10 December, you can stroll from the monastery square down to the center of the small town and be enchanted by the festive atmosphere. A big plus is the high probability of snow, which makes the Christmas market even more beautiful. You can find more information here.

Christmas market in the snow

Swiss Christmas Market on Lake Geneva

From November 23 to December 24, the Montreux Noël invites you. With several locations, including the lakeside promenade and Chillon Castle, this Christmas market also boasts up to 150 stalls and a medieval market. The beautiful atmosphere by the lake between colorful lights and cozy wooden chalets is particularly appealing. Opening times, locations and special highlights are described here.

Saleswoman stand

With NIKIN at the most beautiful Swiss Christmas markets

You can also find NIKIN at several beautiful Christmas markets this year! Firstly, at the Zurich Christmas Village at Bellevue from November 23 to December 14. And at the lovingly designed Bern Star Market right next to the Bundeshaus from November 24 to December 18. And because we think Christmas and Christmas markets are really great, you can also find us at a third location: at the Lieblingsstück Christmas market in wintry Aarau from 4 to 23 December. Hope to see you soon!

Either way, we wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season with lots of lovely moments with your loved ones and a shot of mulled wine!

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