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Return Policy

General Information:

  • Every buyer has the right to return his received items (exception: TreeBottle & gift card) to NIKIN within 14 days (deadline: receipt of goods).
  • For returns and exchanges, the items must be returned in perfect hygienic condition, otherwise the right to exchange or return will be lost.
  • For TreeSocks, the packaging must be returned in perfect condition.
  • When returning one or more TreeSocks of the TreeSocks Combo or with other specials, the buyer must pay the same price as if he had bought the socks or other products individually (e.g. when returning a pair, 2 TreeSocks must be paid at full price afterwards).
  • For returns, the buyer will still be charged the shipping costs incurred by NIKIN or deducted from the refund amount (even if the order was with free shipping).
  • The return costs must be paid by the buyer.