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Sustainable drinking bottles from NIKIN

Every day we should drink several litres of water. This is very important and healthy for our body. It cannot function without water. In order to be able to treat yourself to a refreshing sip of water anytime and anywhere, we offer you various sustainable and practical drinking bottles. Decorate your personalised drinking bottle or the personalised drinking bottle for children with a name and create your own specialised drinking bottle. You can design your own water bottle in our shop - whether you want a small water bottle in black, a water bottle in green or one in blue. We offer water bottles in different sizes, numerous colours and various styles....

Here you will find a wide selection of water bottles

In our shop you will find many different sustainable drinking bottles, a small drinking bottle, a 500 ml drinking bottle, a drinking bottle without plastic or a stainless steel drinking bottle with a name, i.e. a stainless steel drinking bottle that can be personalised. We offer sustainable drinking bottles made of solid stainless steel or partially recycled glass. The drinking bottles in different colours and sizes are made of stainless steel and consist of a double wall as well as a vacuum insulated lid. The latter ensures that the drinking bottles remain leak-proof throughout. However, we advise against filling carbonated drinks into the drinking bottles, as the resulting pressure could cause them to leak. The contents of the drinking bottles remain cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. The handy drinking bottles are ideal for hiking, winter sports, a day at the beach or even in your daily work routine.

Drinking bottles made from recycled glass and certified bamboo

Our sustainable glass drinking bottles are aesthetically very stylishly designed and are made partly from recycled glass and the lid from FSC-certified bamboo. Glass is one of the most popular drinking vessels next to PET and glass is much more environmentally friendly in production and recycling than conventional plastic bottles. In order to save resources, it is important that glass is recycled properly, because this way used glass can be reused - for example to make our glass water bottle. The sustainable water bottle is a normal glass water bottle that can be used in your everyday life.

What are the advantages of the drinking bottles from NIKIN ?

Whether you use our drinking bottle at work, as a sustainable bicycle bottle, as a water bottle for hiking or for a trip, the sustainable TreeBottle from NIKIN is particularly versatile. A very special feature of our drinking bottles is that they keep their contents hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. In the morning, a fresh cup of tea or coffee can be filled into our bottle and in the late afternoon, the drink can still be enjoyed hot. The drinking bottles function like conventional thermos flasks - you can also easily fill a hot soup that you don't want to eat until lunchtime into the bottle in the morning and enjoy it hours later. Take a look at our shop, where you will find the matching TreeMugsYou can pour your tea, coffee or soup into them and enjoy it later. On warm days, you can fill the bottles with refreshingly cold water or another refreshing drink and still enjoy a pleasantly cold beverage hours later. Now all you have to do is make sure you don't burn yourself on the still-hot tea or coffee hours after filling - because our water bottles really do live up to their promise. They are much more versatile than conventional PET bottles, which sets them apart from other bottles.

Our bottles are sustainable

Our thermos is sustainable because it helps you reduce your plastic consumption. You can refill the bottle with water again and again, which not only saves resources but also a lot of money. The sustainable thermos bottle is made of stainless steel and therefore has a particularly long life. The stainless steel bottle is sustainable and is very stylish with its simple design. Our bottles are available in different sizes (350 ml, 500 ml and 700 ml) and numerous colours. Our sustainable drinking bottle is free from BPA (harmful industrial chemical bisphenol A). Our bottles are machine washable, but we still recommend simple cleaning by hand with water and a little soap. The energy and water expenditure are thus smaller and more sustainable.

Besides great bottles, you will find many other products in our offer

If you have been looking for Sustainable scarves then you've come to the right place. On sunny days, it's especially important to protect your eyes from too much sunlight, and you can do that successfully and stylishly with our Sunglasses do. Did you know that we have a really great Wallet and a Belt from sustainable cork? We are committed to more sustainability in everyday life. We pay attention to fair and environmentally friendly conditions in our products and their production. Take a look at our website and be inspired by our many sustainable products. Get your sustainable water bottle now, make your lifestyle more sustainable and do something good for nature. Every little contribution to more sustainability helps and has a positive impact on our environment and nature. We and the environment thank you for your commitment to consume more consciously and thus live more sustainably. Together we can make the earth a greener and better place.