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TreeShorts Active Unisex

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Tracksuit Zip Unisex

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Tracksuit Combo Unisex

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TreeJama Shorts Unisex

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Sustainable trousers for men

Make your everyday life more sustainable with men's trousers that are not only very comfortable, look absolutely great and are versatile, but are also sustainably produced in Europe. Our range of men's trousers is very wide and offers you a great selection of men's trousers for every occasion. Whether you're looking for men's cloth trousers, men's casual trousers, men's shorts, men's swimming trunks or men's tracksuit bottoms, you'll find a wide range of different sustainable men's trousers at NIKIN ....

Sustainable Chino Pants for Men

A classic for any occasion - our TreePants Chino Unisex is the perfect pants for your everyday life at work, for a city trip, for going out, for your next party or just for a walk in nature. The comfortable pants for men are sustainably and fairly made in Europe and are mostly made of sustainable organic cotton. The trouser button of the TreePants Chino is made of coconut shell and gives the sustainable pants for men an additional great look. The pants for men for everyday wear are available in different dimensions and colors. The NIKIN Chino pants for men are much more sustainable than men's pants from many other suppliers due to their sustainable material and short transport route. You can recognize sustainable pants for men if you take a closer look at their label. It is important that the pants for men are made from sustainable natural materials and that the manufacturer has the necessary certificates. We make sure that our producers are certified and that they are sustainable and socially responsible. Manufacturers must assure us that our products are not made in child labor and that work is done under decent working conditions.

Sustainable sweatpants for men

Plenty of regular exercise keeps you fit, healthy and alert - so get out into nature for jogging, cycling, football, yoga, basketball or, if you prefer something more leisurely, a walk in the woods. The super-comfortable training trousers for men are ideal for all kinds of sports, even at lower temperatures. Of course, the flexible trousers for men are also suitable for indoor sports. However, the training trousers for men are also absolutely suitable for chilling out on the sofa. You can easily stash your mobile phone or a snack in the side pockets. The waistband allows you to adjust the hem of the trousers to make them just right for you. The men's trousers are made from sustainable organic cotton and produced in Europe. The production of organic cotton requires fewer resources, such as water and energy, than the production of conventional cotton. Cotton is a natural and non-fossil raw material that is particularly suitable for the production of textiles. The fabric has a very soft surface and therefore feels pleasant on the skin. The short transport route of the men's trousers also makes them more sustainable than training trousers from Asia, for example. Our visit to the production site gave us a deep insight into the working atmosphere on site and confirmed that the employees work under appropriate and fair conditions and that no child labour is used.

Sustainable shorts for men

The TreeShorts trousers for men are the perfect choice on warm days. The shorts from NIKIN are very comfortable and accompany you through the warm seasons. The shorts for men are also produced fairly and sustainably in Europe. You can easily store your mobile phone, wallet and keys in the four pockets. The short transport route makes the men's trousers from NIKIN more sustainable than conventional trousers for men from Asia. The men's shorts are made almost exclusively from certified sustainable organic cotton. The high quality of the men's trousers make the shorts more durable, so they can be worn for longer and do not need to be replaced after a short time. In addition to the sustainable materials and transport route, we plant a tree for every product sold, thus counteracting global deforestation.

Sustainable swimming trunks for men

At NIKIN you'll find men's long trousers, men's jogging trousers, men's shorts and even men's swim trunks. When the sun is shining and the heat is oppressive, there's nothing better than cooling off in the cold water - especially with sustainable swim trunks for men. Our TreeShorts Swim are made from plastic waste collected from the oceans, then recycled into plastic and finally made into a yarn. The comfortable and aesthetic swim shorts come in a variety of colours and sizes. The most necessary things can be easily stored in the pockets on the sides and in the back pocket, which can be closed with a press stud. These swimming trunks are a real win-win: you wear cool trunks in the swimming pool and at the same time there is less plastic in the sea. By the way, our bikinis are also made from ocean waste.

Sustainable pyjamas for men

On a rainy day, there's almost nothing better than curling up in bed and snuggling all day. Cuddling up gets even nicer and cozier with the super comfy men's pajamas from NIKIN. These lightweight and loose shorts are made from an extra soft organic cotton fabric. Like all of our men's pants, our pajama shorts are made in Europe. There again, the transport route is a factor that makes the pants for men more sustainable than those of other suppliers. To the pajama pants TreeJama Shorts Unisex we recommend the equally very soft pajama top TreeJama Shirt Allover.

Great and sustainable combinations for men

All our men's trousers can be combined with other sustainable products for men from our shop. We offer you a wide range of Menswear. The long trousers for men in combination with our various jumpers for men are a real eye-catcher. Our jumpers are available in different styles. Our TreeHoodies for men with a warm hood are perfect on cooler days. The long trousers for men can also be combined with our TreeSweater combine. The men's chino shorts will give you a great look in combination with our men's shirts. On windy days, we also recommend our men's jackets.

All of our men's trousers - casual trousers, sports trousers, swimming trousers, pyjama trousers, shorts and long trousers are made in sustainable and fair production in Europe. They are all very comfortable, are of very high quality and for every pair of men's trousers a tree is planted in your name, which has a positive impact on our environment and makes our earth a greener and better place. All these values are represented by the embroidered NIKIN fir tree that adorns all our sustainable products. With our philosophy, we want to motivate as many people as possible to rethink their lifestyle, adapt it and make it more sustainable. We are convinced that nature and the environment are helped most if everyone makes their own small contribution by consuming more consciously and limiting certain things or, at best, doing without them altogether. We want future generations to be able to enjoy nature in all its diversity and beauty. That is why it is important that we all work together and make our contribution. A small but important step is to pay attention to the sustainability of the products we buy and to buy more sustainable products than non-sustainable ones. We are committed to making sustainable trousers for men and many other sustainable products accessible and affordable for all. With our men's trousers, you will look really great in your everyday life and do something for more sustainability and thus something good for your environment.