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Women's trousers from NIKIN: Stock up now and shop sustainably!

Who doesn't need them? Trousers for ladies. We have a few of them in our range in different styles and for different needs! After all, women's trousers are suitable for every season and for many occasions. You will find comfortable trousers for women in all shapes and colours. Chino trousers for women and jogging trousers for women are particularly popular in our range. The latter can also be used well as ladies' casual trousers. Our ladies' trousers are all sustainably and fairly produced in Europe. By sustainable, we mean especially the type of production, the material used and the processes around shipping and transport of the NIKIN trousers for women. Since 2022, NIKIN has had sustainability criteria that were developed together with the ecos organisation. Manufacturers must meet these criteria and also provide us with insights into their production. This also includes the producers of the women's trousers. Part of this research also includes criteria on the social standards of the factory towards its employees. This ensures that the trousers for women are also produced fairly....

Our Sustainability criteria for the production of, for example, ladies' trousers can be viewed online. You can also view all our Manufacturers on an interactive map and learn more about them. For example, how long the manufacturer has been producing trousers for women, whether it is a family business and what weighting sustainability has for the manufacturer. We are also transparent about materials and disclose why we value which material. Basically, we go for natural materials like organic cotton, especially for women's trousers. However, we may also use recycled synthetic fabrics for functional reasons. An example of this is our sports trousers for women, the TreeLeggins, which are extremely popular and available in several colours. We also don't use cotton in our rain jackets or bikinis, but innovative synthetic fabrics. If you would like to know more about our Materials then you can do this quickly and easily. here do.

That's why our trousers for women are sustainable

Another aspect that leads to more sustainability of women's trousers for us is the transport of the goods and the shipping to customers. Since we manufacture all our clothing in Europe, the transport distance for women's trousers is relatively short. We have deliberately chosen to manufacture our women's trousers in Europe, because on the one hand short delivery routes are better for the environment and on the other hand we like to visit our production sites ourselves. We know most of our manufacturers personally and maintain a close relationship. This way we can ensure that our women's trousers are of the best quality and at the same time are produced sustainably and fairly. next we make sure that individual items of clothing such as women's training trousers are not individually packaged in plastic, as is often the case in the industry. You also receive your goods from us without additional, unnecessary packaging. We only use filling material for fragile items, but not for women's trousers. In addition, we do not use conventional paper for hangtags and order forms.

We also use special "tree-free" paper in our offices. This is made from the remains of the sugar cane industry and is therefore a "waste product" that we continue to use. The sugar cane paper is a symbol for the fact that we prefer to plant trees instead of cutting them down. With every purchase of women's pants or any other item from NIKIN we plant one Tree. In this way, we have already planted more than 1.5 million trees all over the world. Our goal is to make the world a little greener and to inspire our customers to be more sustainable. The trees that we plant when you buy women's pants, for example, are planted as part of specific and selected reforestation projects. These take place in various locations around the world. Depending on the type of project, the focus is on classic reforestation, forest conservation, food security or climate protection. To benefit from the experience of experienced tree planters, we work together with the Canadian organization One Tree Planted for this purpose.

Get climate-compensated trousers for women delivered to your home

So that you can shop for sustainable trousers for women in peace and with a clear conscience, our shipping from us to you is climate-compensated. In Switzerland, this is possible thanks to the Swiss Post, while the EU region is delivered with DHL GoGreen. You can find all our products, such as trousers for women, online and in various partner shops. You can order them from the comfort of your own home with these Map find. Please note that not every partner shop carries all our products and trousers for women. If you absolutely want to secure certain trousers for women, then it is best to shop online. Our respective size guide and the detailed description of the item, such as women's trousers, which you will find on the respective product page, will help you. In the same place, you will also find everything about the handling and care of the item. It is important that you pay close attention to these. This is the only way to ensure that your trousers for women stay beautiful for a long time and that you can wear them for a long time. This is also an aspect of sustainability. If you no longer want your women's trousers from NIKIN , we recommend that you pass them on or sell them second-hand.

To make this easier for you, we organise flea markets & swap meets at NIKIN where you can sell or swap your trousers for women, but also other clothes of yours. Follow us on our social media channels so you don't miss out! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn. But back to the women's trousers: as you can see, we design, manufacture and ship them sustainably and fairly. In addition to classics like women's loose trousers, we also have women's jog trousers, women's shorts, women's sports trousers and women's trainer trousers. With all these different styles, you're sure to find the women's trousers that suit your needs and desires. We also have a wide range of colours, which are easy to combine thanks to the solid colours. Some of the women's trousers can also be combined with a top in the same colour if you want to have that look.

That's why it's worth buying trousers for women from NIKIN

By buying our trousers for women, you are making a small contribution to forest reforestation and making the world a little greener. By choosing sustainable NIKIN trousers for women, you also show that you care about the environment and nature. By buying women's trousers, you are supporting a company that invests a lot of time and thought into being sustainable and constantly improving. We also live an open and modern corporate culture and stand up for an inclusive society with social values. We only have one business car for a company with over 50 people and it is electricity powered. In addition, our office inventory is second-hand or partly homemade. In our offices, we separate waste thanks to a recycling station, and on our TreePlantingDays we lend a hand and plant new trees in Switzerland.

We launch new collections several times a year, but never throw away old unsold products. For example, women's trousers that can't be sold are donated to charity. If you would like to find out more about our commitment and the people behind the NIKIN trousers for women, you can do so on our Website do. Had enough shopping for women's trousers? Then take a look at our other women's clothing now: discover beautiful jumpers for women or do you feel like discovering new women's jackets? You can also find pyjamas for women and shirts for women. And in summer, the NIKIN swimming costume for women is waiting for you! Check it out!