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165 952 trees planted


Four guys from the Canton of Aargau who want to return something to Mother Nature through ecologically and fairly produced fashion. We want to make the young generation, our future, aware of an important finding: That our world, on which we are only guests and who suffers heavily from human influence, is not replaceable and it is high time to wake up and do something about it. One tree is planted per every sold NIKIN product. A single tree does not change the world overnight, but it is already a start.


Tree by Tree

„Tree by Tree“, one tree after another. Our slogan symbolizes our goal and our idea. NIKIN is a young Swiss fashion label that aims to counter sustainable global forest deforestation with sustainable and fair fashion by planting a tree for each sold product in a location where trees have disappeared for various reasons such as agriculture, timber industry, habitat or natural events (forest fire, drought, ...). With our project we introduce the term „TreeWear“, which developed from the popular term „StreetWear“, simply with the additional effect that each product causes the planting of a tree. One tree at a time, the world is not changed from one day to the next, but it is a step in the right direction.

Why do we want to support such projects with our brand? WHY NOT?! We all grew up in rural areas, and during our time as scouts and from our environment, we learned to appreciate and love nature, and we realized that it is incredibly important to preserve the world and nature with all their beauty. However, we realized that this does not seem to apply to all the people of our time and that is why we wanted to take the initiative with NIKIN to maybe open the eyes of such people and show that it does not take much to live ecologically and therefore do something good for nature.

Trees and their leaves contain chloroplasts, which produce the vital oxygen for all animals (including us humans). Consequently, there is no life for us humans without trees. It is grossly negligent how humans ruthlessly exploit nature without thinking of the consequences of it. With only small changes in the everyday life of each individual person, a great deal could be achieved. And that is why we have decided to give something back to nature with our project, in which we pass on a part of the proceeds from each product sold to environmental protection organizations that work for forest afforestation.

To implement these tree plantings, we maintain a close collaboration and partnership with the renowned environmental organization One Tree Planted (, a non-profit American organization that plans and conducts tree planting campaigns several times a year. In addition, BOS Switzerland is currently planting a tree Indonesia for each Treeanie Coal.

Tree Planting in Guatemala
Tree planting in Guatemala

Details about the process of the tree planting and how this works exactly can be found under the following link:  Tree Planting

For the NIKIN brand, one tree per sold product is going to be planted in a selected area of the world where the forest is particularly threatened. Yes, for every product! A personally issued tree certificate, which will be sent to you with your order, confirms this.

NIKIN as a role model

We are a young, bright and dynamic team and want to reflect this in our brand „NIKIN” as well. We want to make a difference with our project, our company. Nature and everything she offers us living beings is available to us all as a matter of course, just like that. But that is not so natural. Not only can you always take, take and take, you also have to give something to keep the natural household in balance. Exactly this conscious attitude we want to communicate with our lifestyle especially to the young generation. We have to take care of what we have, because the world is irreplaceable and, if nothing changes, it soon becomes abyssal.

So, done with the scare. What we really want to say is that a consumer should be aware of what he is consuming, what he should consume, and what he shouldn’t. We want to show that a lot can be done with little effort. With our brand, we want to make quality and fair products at the lowest possible prices, with an attractive and yet sustainable side effect tangible for everyone. Sustainability is not so difficult and that's what we want to share with our society in an open-minded and fresh way.

Reasonable sustainable fashion

NIKIN always wants to be innovative, modern and open-minded, yet at the same time sustainable and fair with its products. That is why we attach great importance to environmentally friendly and fair production. Always a supportable, but most ecological and fair production has been chosen. We were successful and almost completely detached from manufacturers in the Asian region, which we had previously checked according to strict criteria, and also found various alternatives to the conventionally used materials. Among other things, many products are already largely made from organic cotton and in Europe. In addition, one of our production sites in Turkey has been awarded the Fairtrade, the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and various other certifications. For the future, we have many other optimizations, such as using recycled materials. We are not perfect - but we are constantly trying to improve ourselves in order to find even better, greener and fairer solutions and come closer to our goal.

It would be stupid to plant a tree with an order at NIKIN, but to use it again for the printing of your tree certificate, the invoice and the delivery note. And that's why we just completely dispense with conventional paper made from tree fibers. We use exclusively „tree-free“ paper, among other things made of bamboo. The paper for your invoice is completely gone, because this is only sent by email.

Tree Certificate

To deliver your order, we use cardboard boxes made from wood fibers, but these FSCs (Forest Stewardship Council) are certified, that means, made of wood from sustainable forestry. In addition, all orders sent by Swiss Post will be sent climate neutrally. NIKIN pays an extra charge for each order, which Post will invest in CO 2-reducing projects to offset the emissions caused by postal transport.

ProClima LogoFSC LogoGOTS LogoFairtrade Logo

Our partners

OneTreePlanted Logo   BOS Schweiz

One Tree Planted is an American non-profit organization that plans and executes tree planting events several times a year. With the founder of this sustainable organization, Matt Hill, we have a good relationship and together we have planted several thousand trees in threatened areas all over the world. Together so much can be done - so help too! Either with NIKIN or on, where you can participate directly in various tree planting projects.
As mentioned before, currently BOS Switzerland plants one tree in Indonesia for each "Treeanie Coal".


Orte zum Leben LogoTrinamo Logo

Since the beginning of 2017, NIKIN has maintained a partnership and cooperation with the Foundation for Orte zum Leben in Lenzburg. This regional foundation currently offers employment to more than 280 people with primary mental disabilities, mostly with manual work. At the end of 2017, we also received further support from the Trinamo Foundation in Wohlen. Trinamo is committed to the integration and reintegration of people through manual work. There, the individual development is central. In these foundations, a part of our Treeanies is processed by carefully sweing the tree label onto the raw winter hat.

We are very convinced of the quality of work of these two social foundations and are proud that our products are processed by local institutions.

Who is behind „NIKIN“?

The brand „NIKIN“ was launched in Lenzburg, Aargau. The Swiss brand was founded by Nicholas and Robin, one a business innovation and the other an industrial design student, who have known each other since their early childhood. For a long time, the two former scouts and skaters wanted to launch a joint project, which finally worked with NIKIN at the end of 2016.

A fashion label that carries an ecological effect was their vision. Robin, who just returned to Switzerland from a trip through the vast forests of Canada, designed a logo that, as it turned out shortly afterwards, hit the public. After the launch, just before Christmas, the two soon realized that they could not accomplish this alone, as the orders almost flowed in so. With Lester and Jeffrey, the two brothers of Robin, reinforcements in logistics and communication were brought on board. Since then, the team around NIKIN enjoy a very family-like relationship, which is certainly also a reason for the success. The whole NIKIN family is always there to help and support wherever they can.

Bitting through is also part of us, because so far NIKIN exists without external investors, but only with own invested capital. For a long time NIKIN was a complete hobby project for all four owners and later a side project, which meant that everything related to NIKIN had to be realized in addition to a 100% employment elsewhere. A small project, that's how it started.

Meanwhile, NIKIN is much more than just a side project, because since the beginning of 2018 NIKIN can officially call itself NIKIN GmbH, which allowed us to switch from a sole proprietorship to an official company. Other employees in the areas of logistics, finance, sponsoring and communication were hired and also the storage capacity could be massively increased.

The first NIKIN orders ever were sent from Robin's parents' home, in an improvised office. After more than a year in a small rented room in the neighboring village, which was used before us as a vegetable shop, we were able to move in the summer of 2018 to a large warehouse the WISA-Gloria building, a former toy factory in Lenzburg.

We are a cheerful team that loves nature and wants to give something back to her with our actions and success.

NIKIN Team Foto

(f.l.t.r. Jeffrey, Robin, Lester & Nicholas)


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