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Social responsibility

We are not only passionately committed to sustainable and fair fashion, but also attach great importance to the social aspect of NIKIN. We have been working closely with the local foundations "Ortezum Leben" and "Trinamo" since almost the beginning in 2016. These are versatile workshops where physically or mentally handicapped people can work and integrate themselves into the world of work. For a long time, these two foundations sewed all NIKIN labels by hand onto the raw Treeanies, several hundred per week. Soon these two foundations alone were no longer sufficient and so we had to switch to machine-processedTreeanies, although we still have some of the Treeanies processed by the foundations. It is a great partnership of which we are very proud. 

We are generally open for everyone – we are a young and dynamic team in which everyone pulls in the same direction and thus continues to advance our project. We are open-minded and offer opportunities for people for whom life is not easy. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere, people with health or psychological problems were accepted into the team without any problems and were thus able to find their way back into the world of work.

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