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Pre-orders for the TreeMasks are not possible at the moment, therefore extension of the period until Monday! 🌲
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Product Info / Available again
TreeMasks CW 43
TreeShirts Polo UnisexEnd of october 2020
TreeShirts Unisex (Basic, Basic NIKIN, Pocket, Pocket Forest, V-Neck, Allover, Bicolor, Longsleeve Raglan) End of october 2020
TreeShirts Women (Basic, Pocket, Pocket Forest, Tanky Slim, V-Neck, Longsleeve Slim, Allover, Bicolor) End of october 2020
TreeBoxers End of october 2020
TreeMug End of october 2020
TreeTowel Beach Forest End of october 2020
TreeGlasses Case End of october 2020
TreeHoodie Beginning of november 2020
TreeSweater Beginning of november 2020
TreeLeggings End of november 2020
Coffee Capexpected november 2020
TreeSocks Short, Standard, Winter Beginning of december 2020
TreeCaps Beginning of december 2020
TreeJogging Beginning of december 2020
TreeGlasses Mid of december 2020
TreeJewellery as soon as sold out, available again in the next days

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