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5 outdoor activities that you must try this spring

Posted on March 06 2019

Finally, the first birds are chirping outside, the days are getting longer again and the last snow has evaporated slowly but surely. The people are drawn to the outside world, they recharge their batteries in the warm spring sun and stroll in Switzerland's diverse natural surroundings. In this article you will find out which outdoor activities you should try this spring.

Activity 1: Switzerland - the water castle of Europe

Because of the countless lakes and rivers that Switzerland has to offer, the country in the heart of Europe is also known as the " water castle of Europe ". Many of the rivers originate in the Swiss Alps and flow across the country and Europe until they finally flow into various seas. Although it is still too early to start the bathing season, it is worth planning an excursion to one of these numerous waters.

Pack your bike, choose a lake near you (or not) and ride around. Depending on the size of the lake, you can plan a cycle tour of several days. The Hallwilersee (AG/LU) with a scope of around 22 kilometres can be circumnavigated in just a few hours . On warm days it is important to drink a lot - and our TreeBottle, which keeps your drink refreshingly cool for several hours, is the best choice to take with you. If you're already drawn to the water on the way - then take a leap!

Activity 2: Dice your route

Buy a train day ticket or a cheap day GA of your town. Throw a dice and let your fate decide on which platform to board the next train. You roll the dice again - now you know at which station you get off. Then repeat this as long as you want. No plan is also a plan. So you get to places of which you may have never heard before or heard a lot already, but still never visited them before.

Activity 3: Let your soul dangle - in a hammock

Whether in your garden, in the forest or in the city park - a hammock and two trees, you don't need any more. Read a good book, listen to your favourite songs or switch off your mobile phone for a moment - and just listen to nature.

Activity 4: Jungle in Switzerland - there you go!

Jungle, the original forest, as it existed thousands of years ago? For a trip into a jungle you don't necessarily have to fly for hours. Actually, you don't even have to cross the Swiss border. Even in Switzerland there are still a few primeval forests. With an area of 1.5 km2, the Bödmerenwald in the Muotatal (SZ) is the largest preserved primeval forest in the Alps.

Activity 5: Clean up your jogging route

Plogging - "Plocka", which means nothing more than "cleaning up", combined with the word "jogging", is the name given to the Swedish phenomenon, which is currently also becoming more and more common outside Sweden. You simply take a garbage bag with you to jog and free nature from the garbage lying around, which is still unrestrainedly thrown into nature in 2019. So you are not only doing something good for your body, but also for nature. The animal and plant world thanks you!


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