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Churfirsten: a mountain range shrouded in legend

The imposing Churfirsten mountain range with its steep gradient to Lake Walen on one side and natural hiking paradise on the other is the inspiration for our new "Mountain Panorama" series. This blog complements the schematic illustration on the TreeShirt and TreeSweater with exciting stories, facts and background information about the Churfirsten.

Facts and figures about the Churfirsten

There are various theories as to the origin of the name "Churfirsten" or "Kurfürsten". The name "Churfirsten" is derived from the former neighboring diocese of Chur and "First" as a mountain range, while "Kurfürsten" is said to come from the hat shape of the abbots of the monastery of St. Gallen, which resembles the seven main peaks. The imposing peaks stretch from east to west, including the impressive Hinterrugg, whose height of 2310 meters marks the summit of the mountain range. Officially, 7 peaks belong to the Churfirsten, but depending on the source, 6 more peaks are included.

Sweeping views of the Churfirsten - imposing mountain world | NIKIN Blog
Picture: View from Lake Walen to the Churfirsten - an imposing mountain range.

The Churfirsten: an outdoor sports paradise

The Churfirsten consist of limestone, formed by deposits of microorganisms on the seabed. This geological phenomenon forms the basis for a true climbing paradise. Mountaineers and climbers from all over the world come here to try their hand at the steep rock faces and challenging routes. But the Churfirsten are not just for experienced alpinists, they also offer a fascinating hiking backdrop for hikers and nature lovers.

Climbing, hiking and paragliding in the Churfirsten | NIKIN Blog
Picture: The Churfirsten are a true outdoor sports paradise - for hiking, paragliding, skiing, mountain biking or climbing.

Legends around the Churfirsten

The mythology of the Churfirsten is just as rich as the landscape itself. One of the many legends tells of the Säntis giant: A giant who lived in the Säntis mountains felt lonely and wanted to bring a few people to what is now Toggenburg. To do so, he packed a few houses in his sack in Montafon and set off on his way back. However, he stumbled while trying to climb the Churfirsten, whereupon his sack opened and the houses spread across the valley. Along the "Legend Trail", hikers can discover twelve more regional legends that shed light on the mystical aura of this impressive mountain range next .

NIKIN Mountain Panorama TreeShirt and TreeSweater in front of the Churfirsten | NIKIN
Image: Stylish, comfortable and inspired by nature - the Mountain Panorama TreeShirts and TreeSweaters.

The NIKIN "Mountain Panorama" series - a tribute to the Swiss Alps

Our new "Mountain Panorama" series, consisting of TreeShirt and TreeSweater, is first and foremost a tribute to the Swiss Alps. The Churfirsten panorama, as an outdoor sports paradise and memorable relief, was perfect for the print motif. The result is two cool products that express your connection to nature and your love of the Swiss mountains and can accompany you on your summer adventures. Get them while they're still available!

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