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The Cities4Forests project

Posted on July 16 2019

Civilization and nature, city and forest – can they coexist? Worldwide, natural areas are suffering from the rapidly growing urbanization, but now there is a project in which cities are committed to the preservation of forests. Find out more about Cities4Forests here.


Green spaces, trees and forests are indispensable for cities and their citizens, because green zones offer a variety of advantages and bring nature into the city. Trees purify the air, provide a home for wildlife in the city and are a local recreation opportunity for people that simply does them good. At the same time, parks and forests in and around cities are a link to forests in the distance. They remind us of the global added value of large forest areas in the tropics, but also in northern climes, which regulate our climate and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

What is Cities4Forests?

Cities4Forests aims to use the political, social and economic support of city administrations and citizens to include inner, near and far forests in urban development plans and programmes. All cities and citizens involved are united in their efforts to reduce deforestation, reforest forests and manage the forest habitat more sustainably.

The focus is on the inner forests: the forests in the city, but also the nearby areas. The inner forests – these are the trees in the city. Alley trees and parks. Shady trees, cooling groups of trees, small woods. They all keep off the sun, purify the air and supply city dwellers with plenty of oxygen. And they remind us that there is much more forest outside the city – forest worth preserving. If it is possible to make city dwellers aware of how important forest stands are in large cities and how valuable they are for people's health and regeneration, then the step towards protecting the "distant" forests on other continents will no longer be so difficult.

Preserving forests – in the city and outside

To the extent that forests are becoming more and more valuable in cities as well, there are more and more supporters of the restoration and sustainable management of forests worldwide.

Nevertheless, forest areas are disappearing everywhere. Every year about 5 million hectares of forest are cleared. This has terrible consequences for the species living there, but also for the increase in greenhouse gases. In order to create awareness of the value, but also the beauty, of the forest, forests must be carried back into the cities. Only in this way will it be possible to awaken and maintain a connection with the forest in people. 



Who participates in Cities4Forests?

Cities4Forests is a voluntary coalition of municipalities from all over the world, supported by water suppliers and sustainability organisations. In the meantime, cities from all over the world are already participating, partly with ambitious and innovative projects such as the “Vertical Forest” in Milan, a green high-rise building. Learning, raising awareness and inspiration are promoted. At the same time, the organisation offers technical support in the areas of forests and water, climate change, communication and politics.


These are just a few of the many cities that participate.

Training is also provided to help overcome challenges and provide a solid scientific foundation for future work. Cities4Forests also helps with one-on-one interviews where necessary. The participating cities can participate in one or more working groups in order to jointly develop a deeper understanding of thematic issues, challenges and opportunities.

We are committed to forests

At NIKIN, we donate for every product we sell to plant a tree through our partner OneTreePlanted, thus contributing to the conservation of the world's forests. The work of organisations such as OneTreePlanted helps to make the world's forests more sustainable and to restore lost land.

You can find more information about the projects here: Cities4Forests


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