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The 4 most beautiful SAC huts in the Swiss Alps: idyllic mountain huts

Spring is approaching - and with it the hiking season. Mountain huts, which are often run by the SAC, offer comfortable overnight accommodation for tours lasting several days. The roof over your head protects you from the kind of weather-related surprises that can occur in a tent. We therefore asked the NIKIN team about the most popular and most beautiful mountain huts. In this blog, we present the four most popular SAC huts and mountain accommodation.

Terrihütte: Entrance gate to the Greina plain

The SAC Terrihütte is nestled in the enchanting mountains of the Grisons Oberland and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks and the Greina plain. As a starting point for crossing the secluded Greina plain, it attracts hikers and nature lovers alike. In the midst of this magnificent backdrop, the Terrihütte offers cozy accommodation and authentic food for all guests who want to experience the beauty of the Swiss Alps up close.

The Terrihütte, surrounded by green meadows and blue mountain lakes | NIKIN Blog
Picture: Surrounded by green meadows and clear mountain lakes - the Terri hut on the Greina plain. Credits: Terrihütte SAC

Capanna del Forno: Glacier view and rustic feeling

The Capanna del Forno enchants with its rustic charm and authentic atmosphere in the heart of the Italian Adamello-Presanella massif. The Forno hut is located in a very wild alpine area, so the surrounding climbing and ski tours require a lot of experience on the mountain. However, the surrounding T3+ to T5 hiking trails in breathtaking scenery also offer a true alpine experience for those who prefer to take it a little easier - the view of the Forno glacier alone makes the ascent to this SAC hut worthwhile.

View of the Forno glacier from the Forno hut | NIKIN Blog
Picture: Hidden in the mountain flank, the Forno hut towers above the Forno glacier. Credits: Fornohütte SAC

Gspaltenhornhütte: Above the clouds in the Kiental valley

High above the idyllic Kiental valley in the Bernese Oberland, the Gspaltenhornhütte offers spectacular views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. A popular starting point for challenging mountain tours, the SAC hut attracts hikers and mountaineers alike. The Gspaltenhornhütte is also very popular as a day destination or as a stage destination on the Via Alpina - not least because of its remoteness.

Gspaltenhorn hut with a view of the misty valley | NIKIN Blog
Picture: The view of the cloudy valley from the Gspaltenhornhütte. Credits: Monika Schmidlin, hut warden Gspaltenhornhütte SAC

Capanna Osola & Rifugio Sambuco: A natural retreat in the Osola Valley

The Capanna Osola, run by a local association, is nestled between lush forests and rugged rock formations in the middle of the enchanting mountain landscape of Swiss Ticino. A peaceful retreat for nature lovers, it offers the opportunity to explore the untouched nature of Ticino. The associated Sambuco alpine hut higher up the mountain impresses with its long hours of sunshine and rustic simplicity, which is why it is definitely worth a visit.

Idyllic mountain world in the Ticino Alps around the Capanna Osola | NIKIN Blog
Image: Hidden away at the end of the Osola Valley, surrounded by the idyllic Ticino mountains - the Capanna Osola. Screenshot from

The three SAC huts and the Capanna Osola are all open from at least June to September, so check their websites. You can also book them directly online, as all four must be reserved in advance. We hope you enjoy exploring the many idyllic, impressive and breathtaking places in the Swiss Alps this summer!

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