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The 5 most beautiful, rather unknown places in Switzerland

You know how it is: you explore new places alone or with your loved ones and seek the seclusion of nature. But nothing there! The hiking trail is completely overcrowded and there are countless tourists. That's why in this article we show you places that are still rather unknown.

You are looking for nature and peace, some time for yourself in the mountains or in the forest, but nothing comes of it, because:

That's why we've researched places that are rather unknown and hopefully offer you some undisturbed time out. Of course, we can't guarantee that you'll be the only one, but the chances of some seclusion are good.

1 Val Cama: the place where the trees are protected!
We start right away with our favourite. Because Val Cama, located south of the Alps, has been a natural forest reserve since 2007! No more trees will be cut down or other human intervention until 2057. We are thrilled!
The area stretches for 15 kilometres and goes up to 2200 metres. Therefore, it is not surprising that you can hike wonderfully in the region. Our favourite: the two-lake hike from Cama. After 2.5 hours you reach Lagh Cama and if you still haven't had enough, you can walk next up to Lagh de Sambrog at 2076 metres.


2 The Fricktaler Höhenweg: hiking fun in the Mittelland
You can't get any higher than the Swiss Alps in this country, but the Jura also has a lot to offer. For example, the Fricktaler Höhenweg: from Mettnau via Frick to Rheinfeld, the hike along the Höhenweg takes up to 16 hours. It's 60 kilometres in total. If you like to hike well, you can plan several days for an excursion here. Families with children can experience the Höhenweg in one section. The short hike from Bürersteig over the Laubberg (648 metres) to the winegrowing village of Mettau takes about 2.5 hours and offers fireplaces halfway through the hike.

3. small but nice: Calanca Valley
In the beautiful south of Switzerland there are still small hidden places like the Calanca Valley. The small side valley of the Misox belongs to the Italian-speaking part of Graubünden.
Whether it's the unspoilt Al Mulin campsite for a maximum of 15 people, the Baumeisli construction site for couples, singles and small families or the Maiensäss group house: everything in the Calanca Valley is unspoilt and well laid out. In addition to the beautiful overnight accommodations, the place entices with hikes, a summer tent camp with accompanied daytime activities for young and old, or dry-stone walling courses. Find out more here.

Calanca Valley

4 Nendaz: 30 minutes from Europe's largest underground lake
We'll stay in the south of Switzerland: the Nendaz region awaits you in Valais. With 250 kilometres of hiking trails, 200 kilometres of bike trails and a zip line 1.4 kilometres down. Even if you're not completely alone here, the streams of visitors are well distributed. In addition, the place offers you a super infrastructure. You can rent eBikes, experience an Escape Game through the old village of Haut-Nendaz and use the mountain railways for comparatively cheap (from 35 francs). If you get bored, the largest underground lake in Europe is only 30 minutes away by car!

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5. breccaschlund: 6 alpine restaurants included

In the Fribourg Pre-Alps lies the Schwarzsee, which is the starting point for the high trail through the Breccaschlund. Glaciers once formed this nature reserve. Limestone cliffs offer an impressive contrast to green alpine meadows, and it takes about 4 hours to get back to the lake. Up to 6 alpine inns await you, so you can take a break at any time.
For families, the easy lake circuit with bathing fun is a must.

And that's all there is to it. We wish you a wonderful summer time on your trips to wonderful places!

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