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Sustainability doesn't need to be too expensive!

Posted on May 24 2019

Sustainability has become a real necessity - no matter in which areas of life. The big problem is that although you would like to live more sustainably, this is financially affordable for only a few. But that doesn't have to be the case - we offer an alternative.

One of the first definitions of sustainability is found in Carl Carlowitz's work "Sylviculturaoeconomica", which deals with forestry. As a result, only as much woodland is to be cleared down in a forest as it can naturally regenerate within a certain time. Respect for our environment has always been a priority. However, the fact that the worldwide deforestation points to a slightly different interpretation of this former definition, is anticipated in this article. So let's stay with sustainability! This can be implemented in many ways in everyday life. On the one hand can dispensed with PET bottles and a stainless-steel bottle can be chosen as an alternative. Or you start with nutrition and respect the slogan "regional instead of global" for seasonal and regional products that do not have a long (or no) transport path behind them. Due to the possibility of even making purchases via the Internet, one should become even more aware of how sustainable individual shopping is at all. When clicking quickly, we are usually unaware that our purchase decision has an impact on the production, transport and trade of goods.

So instead of hunting for the cheapest edibles or minimized garments, sustainability should be in the foreground as well. Fortunately, sustainability is no longer a foreign word for many apparel brands. We already find some examples that show that sustainable shopping is possible and advisable. A tiny problem can be found in sustainably produced clothes then: The price! Since younger people in particular are well acquainted with online shopping and are interested in NIKIN, we also approach them. In our opinion, everyone can be sustainable without having to spend a lot of money.

With our concept, we want to give everyone the chance to do something good for a low cost. Nevertheless, we at NIKIN are aware that we are not as sustainable as we would like to be. But to be able to offer products that are 100% sustainable, we need capital and, above all, time! Only two years ago NIKIN was launched - with just CHF 5,000 - as a start budget. Since then, we have made every effort to always move in an ecological direction and are constantly on the lookout for new and more sustainable materials for our products, such as the "reTreeanie" made from recycled jeans.

As already mentioned, in addition to NIKIN there are other brands in Switzerland offering sustainable clothing. Some of these are even produced in Switzerland. We think that's great! But what about the price? Clearly, this is higher for such brands than for us, as these are already a step ahead of our goal of a sustainable offer (which also brings us some criticism). The only drawback with these brands: not everyone can afford their product. So what brings sustainability, if not everyone can participate?

At NIKIN, we therefore rely on sound sustainability. While our products are not yet 100% sustainable, they are affordable enough for everyone to do their part and at least go a long way towards Carlowitz's definition of planting a tree through a small contribution.  


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