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NIKIN x Lavater Art: We want sea!

Art is a powerful form of expression to inspire people - that's why for this Collaboration with an artist for this collab oration to release a limited release. With Fabian Lavater we have found someone who fits perfectly to NIKIN with his simple, nature inspired art.

Fabian Lavater is originally from Basel and currently lives in Biarritz (France) to pursue his passion, surfing. Ever since he can remember, Fabian Lavater has loved drawing and painting. For a long time, art was merely an intense hobby alongside his studies. After his Master's degree in Sustainable Development with a focus on economics and an unsatisfying year of trying to live a "normal" life, he decided to make art his profession. Today he still finds the inspiration for his works in surfing, the ocean and nature. 

Image: For Fabian Lavater, surfing means inspiration. 

Part of the movement 

But the master's degree in sustainability has not left him untouched. In a process of awareness, he has started to change his eating habits, mobility and consumption. Whenever possible, he tries to choose the most environmentally friendly product available.   

Picture: Fabian Lavater during his visit to Lenzburg.

The Limited Edition  

The limited to 150 pieces NIKIN TreeShirt Relaxed X Lavater Art features a print of Fabian Lavater's "Surfer Girl" on the front, as well as his signature. The use of the interlock fabric makes the shirt look thicker, but thanks to the closed surface, it is all the smoother and softer. A feat that gives every outfit that special something.

Image: We want sea!

Cool and sustainable 

You can hang artwork on the wall - or wear it on your chest. Like the NIKIN TreeShirt Longsleeve Relaxed X Lavater Art. On the front, the longsleeve bears the print "Mountain" as well as Fabian Lavater's signature. We also used an interlock fabric for the longsleeve version, which is guaranteed to convince you. With the NIKIN TreeShirt Longsleeve Relaxed X Lavater Art cool meets consistently sustainable.

Image: shirt and longsleeve

Glass is also canvas 

The simple, nature-inspired design of our NIKIN TreeBottle Glass X Lavater Art fits perfectly with our high quality glass bottles, which are limited to a limited to 150 pieces. available. The sustainable bamboo lid is marked with the number of pieces in this limited edition collaboration.

Image: Right in the middle instead of just there - the NIKIN TreeBottle Glass X Lavater Art.
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