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OneTreePlanted - let's plant trees!

Posted on May 17 2018

As you probably already know, NIKIN is thinking of planting trees around the world. But maybe you fell directly on NIKIN's offerings (which are really great too), without informing you exactly what exactly this OneTreePlanted means and what context NIKIN stands for.

So to save you the trouble to investigate yourself, I just introduce OneTreePlanted.

Surely you can count yourself among the proud owners of a tree certificate. It is not for nothing that a certificate will be sent to you along with your ordered product. With the purchase of a NIKIN product you finance the planting of "your" tree. NIKIN does not plant the trees themselves, but is considered a transmitter, whereby your help is essential (without funding there would be little to convey).

Right now is the moment when OneTreePlanted comes into play! It is a non-profit organization that meets worldwide deforestation by planting trees. OneTreePlanted is stationed in Vermont and is already planting for $ 1 per tree in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. The team consists of five people, with Matt Hill launching the organization in 2014. How so? To make it easier for people to give back a small part of the nature that gives us so much.

The essential benefits of the tree, from which we all benefit - and have already been listed in the last article - are another reason for the existence of the organization.

However, anyone who thinks that OneTreePlanted "only" deals with planting trees is wrong. To spread awareness of the benefits of trees to the next generation, OneTreePlanted works with schools, with each school participating. Students are given the chance to learn more about trees and deforestation and to participate in the "Tree Challenge" (see However, if you have already left school behind you and are not a teacher to join the students in the Challenge, OneTreePlanted offers you a wonderful experience as a volunteer in Indonesia. Your responsibilities include assisting with reforestation, protecting endangered wildlife and supporting local communities.

Make yourself a picture of OneTreePlanted and visit their website! Perhaps you too soon become a volunteer who can inspire and motivate others with valuable experience and additional knowledge to contribute to the protection of our environment!


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