Repair Kit

Reuse Collection: reuse instead of throwing away!

Our latest collection, as the name suggests, is all about reuse. With the Reuse Collection, we hope to create more awareness for sustainability in the community and society.

As a sustainable fashion label, we ideally want to produce as little waste as possible and fully process all resources. Because the conscious use of our raw materials and the environment is central to NIKIN . But we are not perfect either. That's why we constantly question ourselves: what could we do better? How can we use materials more efficiently?


Upcycling and Reuse

The ideas that came out of this can now be admired and of course bought as the Reuse Collection. The new TreeShirts are partly made from waste materials from previous collections. Material that would otherwise have ended up in the trash. The Tree Vase is made from defective TreeBottles and with the RepairKit you can give old things a new lease of life.

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Further commitment of NIKIN to the circular economy

The Reuse Collection is not our only commitment to a circular economy. We are also trying to break new ground in other areas such as design, raw materials and distribution. Learn more about this topic in this blog. You can shop the new collection here.

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