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Review of the highlights in 2022

The eventful 2022 is drawing to a close. For us, the perfect moment has come to get cozy and look back on an eventful, already sixth (!) NIKIN year.           

We probably speak for the entire world when we say that 2022 challenged us. Nevertheless, today we would like to highlight the beautiful moments of the year, because there were quite a few of them. At the beginning of 2022, we started working with Andri Ragettli. With Andri we met a great athlete with whom we are also on the same human level. next went on our journey with the Spring Collection, which was very well received by you out there. This release was followed by the collaboration with Viva Con Agua and the resulting Impact Bracelets. With this campaign we were able to position ourselves as a strong opinion leader in terms of sustainability and certainly draw the attention of one or the other to this important topic.  

Picture: Our first Ambassador, Andri Ragettli

Second Hand Markets and Capsule Collections

With the Second Hand Markets we celebrated one of many premieres in 2022. Through the organization of the flea markets, NIKIN provided a lot of positive feedback and also came a bit closer to you, our community, through the physical presence. Summer was all about the Summer Collection with our Ambassador Andri Ragettli, another release that sold out quickly. A winter sportsman doesn't go with summer clothing? Wrong thought! After what felt like an eternal break due to Corona, we were finally able to celebrate festival summer again with our booth at the Openair St. Gallen and the Gurten Festival. And of course at the TreePlanting events or the Clean Up Day we could provide #goodvibes and positive impact. It was good for all of us to finally get out again and be among like-minded people.

Image: More trees for a greener world.

Standstill is not an option

2022 was no less eventful next. With the Active Collection, we released sportswear for the first time, and thanks to the Natural Dye Collection we showed that dyeing clothes can be done in a different way than we had previously known. A great campaign with an important message that hit the mark with our community. In line with the aforementioned Active Collection, this year we also decided to hold the Run For Trees event for the first time. We had no idea what to expect - and were pleasantly surprised when over 200 people worldwide signed up for the run. Of course, we took the opportunity to run in the event ourselves. It was definitely one of the healthier team events in the history of NIKIN. But we certainly didn't get tired. The monthly team brunches provided refreshment !

Image: The NIKIN Active Collection in full operation.

Art in the cafeteria and Happy Birthday

One collaboration that we will definitely remember for a long time is the NIKIN x Lavater Art Collection. Our clothes became the canvas of artist Fabian Lavater - and not only them! Our cafeteria wall also shines in new colors. For this, Fabian came especially to Lenzburg with his brushes and paints and conjured up one of his works of art on the wall. This scoop was closely followed by another milestone: just in time for the rainiest time of the year, we launched our TreeUmbrella, the first NIKIN umbrella. Autumn rolled in and with it another reason to celebrate: this October NIKIN turned six years old! Tree by tree shall continue in its old freshness. We definitely want to plant even more trees and grow as a consistently sustainable company.    

Image: Happy Birthday NIKIN!     

Closer to the community

One of the team's highlights in 2022 was the "Green Friday" - an intensive weekend that we pulled off for the fifth time in a row. This time, we campaigned against the consumer mania of the "Black Friday" movement with the slogan " Geiz ist nicht geil" ("Stinginess is not cool "). Our pop-up store in Aarau was also a huge success. Not only for us, but also for the community. We clearly noticed that you appreciate trying out the products on site and meeting one or the other of our team live. Even though we were still pretty high on you in the spring with the April 1 joke. Fortunately, most people didn't believe the story about TreePaper, our reusable toilet paper, in the end. But it was still funny.

Image: The pop-up store in Aarau is open until mid-January.

Over 4,000 new co-owners

The crowning achievement of the year was crowdinvesting. Of course we put a lot of hope into this idea, but the fact that it went through the roof like this surprised even us. A few days ago, we cracked the 5 million mark with about 4,200 new co-owners and thus reached our big goal. This makes us one of the most successful crowdinvesting campaigns in Switzerland. Thanks to our tireless team spirit and successful crowdinvesting, we are going into the next round stronger than ever - after all, we still have a lot to do.

Image: Together, #treebytree

The best at the end

Last but not least, our thanks also go to you! As a community, you have helped shape NIKIN for over six years. Together we have grown, laughed (the TreePaper, sorry not sorry) and survived the darker days. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. Without you we would not be where we are today and we would like to emphasize that big and thick.

That's it from us for now in 2022 - we're looking forward to an awesome, challenging, exciting, fun, tree-filled 2023 and hope you'll be there too. In this sense: Merry Everything & Happy Always. See you next year!

Image: See you next year!


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