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Traceable TreeShirt from NIKIN: Transparent from A-Z

At Traceable TreeShirt is a productthat not only sustainably and fairly produced, but also has a unique feature - it is traceable.. How exactly this works and why this is important, we explain in this blog post. 

The textile industry faces major challenges in terms of sustainability and fair working conditions. With the Traceable TreeShirt, we are taking a significant step in the right direction. Thanks to an innovative technology developed by ETH spin-off company Haelixa we can trace the cotton used for the T-shirt.

Traceability thanks to natural DNA 

Since a few years we are together with our partners Ecos, Gebana and Haelixa are involved in the Traceable TreeShirt project. The secret lies in a natural agent developed by Haelixa This agent is sprayed onto the organic cotton and serves as a DNA marker. It leaves an invisible mark that is still present in the finished T-shirt. This allows us to track exactly which farm the cotton came from and how it made its way through the supply chain. From the bush to the finished product.

Picture: The shirt is also available in your favorite color. 

From Fast Fashion to Fair Fashion 

The textile industry has long relied on the concept of fast fashion, which has led to enormous environmental and social costs worldwide. With the Traceable TreeShirt, we want to set an example and show that things can be different. The focus is on fair conditions for the farmers in Burkina Faso, where the certified organic cotton for the Traceable Shirt is grown. 

An important step towards transparency

Furthermore, with your order you set an example for transparent supply chains. You show interest in the entire production chain of your Traceable TreeShirt and deal with it. The Traceable TreeShirt is available in four colors at Gebana available and will be delivered in autumn 2023.

Image: Be the change you want to see. 

Order now your Traceable TreeShirt from NIKIN at Gebana und become part of this special movement for sustainability and transparency. Together we can make a positive contribution and bring about change in the textile industry - #treebytree.

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