Our tree planting project in May: Bangladesh

Our tree planting project in May: Bangladesh

Together with our community and our partner One Tree Planted, we are committed to tree planting campaigns around the world. In May, we're supporting the reforestation of mangrove forests in Bangladesh. Learn why the project is so important and what you can do in this blog.

Mangroves play an important ecological role and provide habitat for many animals and plants. They protect coastlines from erosion, tsunamis and storms and serve as carbon sinks. But due to climate change, they are under severe threat.

Image: This is where we would like to start reforestation. 

Threatened ecosystems: The Sundarbans Mangroves

The Sundarbans mangroves, the largest mangrove ecosystem in the world, is particularly threatened. Our goal is to counteract the disappearance of the mangroves by actively planting and thus preserving this unique ecosystem for future generations.

Image: People in the coastal regions live in harmony with nature.

Protect coastal communities

Our May tree planting project provides an opportunity to conserve the Sundarbans while creating new livelihoods for coastal residents. We are following the nine steps for Community-Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration (CBEMR) to ensure long-term benefits for local communities. This includes, for example, education and training to provide residents with the knowledge and skills they need to protect and sustainably use mangrove forests.

Image: Without the forests, the country is hardly protected from the forces of nature.

What you can do

For every product sold in May, we plant one in Bangladesh Tree. You can be part of the movement and help us preserve the largest mangrove ecosystem in the world. By the way: Have you already tried the TreeTracker on our website? With your order number you can easily track where your trees were planted.

Be part of the movement and help us protect nature and make our world greener. #treebytree

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