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Our tree planting projects in March: Canada and Kenya

Together with our community, we are committed to monthly tree planting projects around the world. In March, we are supporting three reforestation projects in Canada and Kenya, which are carried out by local organizations and managed by Veritree. You can find out more about the three projects in this blog.

Reforestation in a forest fire area: Alberta, Canada

In Alberta, Canada, the organization Shakti Reforestation Ltd. in collaboration with Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. is replanting an area of forest that was burned by the McMillan Complex forest fire in 2019. This project is an important step in restoring the forests while meeting environmental regulations. Planting 500 trees of two different tree species not only restores biodiversity, but also strengthens the ecosystem and makes the region more resilient to future wildfires.

An employee planting trees in Alberta, Canada | NIKIN Blog
Picture: An employee plants trees in Alberta.

Restoring livelihoods for indigenous communities and animals: Cariboo, Canada

The province of British Columbia, Canada, has been ravaged by devastating forest fires in recent years, destroying not only nature but also the livelihoods of local communities. In collaboration with the organization Zanzibar, we are now reforesting 5 hectares of land in Cariboo. This project is crucial to restoring the destroyed wildlife habitats and giving the indigenous communities back a sustainable and self-determined future.

An employee planting trees in Cariboo, Canada | NIKIN Blog
Picture: Bushland and majestic trees in Cariboo, Canada.

Reforestation of mangrove forests on the Kenyan coast: Kwale, Kenya

On the coast of Kenya, the mangrove forests are of crucial importance to the local population as they provide jobs and act as protective barriers against tropical storms. Recently, the region has undergone rapid urbanization, clearing the forests and severely damaging the ecosystem. In Kwale, Kenya, we are now working with the local population to restore the mangrove forests and thus create more jobs in the forestry sector. The project therefore brings both ecological and socio-economic benefits to the coastal region of Kenya.

The community reforesting the mangroves in Kwame, Kenya | NIKIN Blog
Picture: Employees planting young mangrove seedlings.

Together for a greener world

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond planting trees. We believe in the power of community and that together we can make the world a better place. Would you like to get involved too? For every NIKIN product you buy, we plant a Tree. Together we make the world greener - #treebytree!

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