Forest whispers: NIKIN launches a podcast

Forest whispers: NIKIN launches a podcast

Hear, hear! We're unveiling our latest creation today - a podcast. This one is not just another drop in the ocean of the podcast world, but a fresh, authentic, and woodsy-wonderful look behind the scenes at NIKIN.

In the first season, we decided right away to reveal our secrets and chat with you about how NIKIN came to be. What was the spark that brought the idea to life? How did NIKIN work its way up from a modest start-up capital of CHF 5,000 to an impressive turnover of 10 million? And who are the people behind the scenes who made it all possible?

Closer to the community

With the podcast, we want to get one step closer to the community. Just imagine you could sit across from us in person and ask us questions. Or talk to our Chief Financial Officer, Carla, about her experiences. The first episodes are not only a lively campfire conversation, but also give room for laughs, inspiration and maybe even an anecdote or two.

Live from the forest

The entire podcast was recorded in the idyllic Fünfweiher forest in Lenzburg, very close to the 1 millionth tree from NIKIN. Why in the forest? Counter question: why not? Surrounded by lots of greenery and the gentle rustle of the wind (which you can hopefully hear on the recordings), our team mounted the mic and got started. 

You can find our podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The first five episodes are in Swiss German and the final episode with Carla will be in English. So there is something for everyone. We'll be listening!

"Forest Whispers" on Apple Podcasts

"Forest Whispers" on Spotify


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