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How many trees does the planet earth need?

Posted on May 12 2019

The forests of this earth are in danger. Every year a forest area the size of Costa Rica is lost. We are actively committed to reforestation, because reforestation is urgently needed. Why and how to do it right?


Forests - complex, diverse ecosystems and resources

Trees or forests are urgently needed for the survival not only of humans. Forests are complex, sometimes unique, ecosystems that provide a home for many plants and animals, as well as humans. Many species that live in the rainforests, for example, we do not yet know or have not explored.

Among them may also be plants that are vital to the medicine and pharmacy of tomorrow! If they still exist tomorrow ...

The great forests of the world extend in South America, in Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia, but also over the Northern Hemisphere, where the boreal coniferous forest reaches from Norway to Kamchatka. Germany, Austria and Switzerland also have extensive forest areas. Much of it, however, is forestry, so a "field" of trees. Right primeval forests hardly exist in Europe anymore. Perhaps the Bialowieska forest on the Polish-Russian border is the last real virgin forest in Europe, and it too is besieged.

The good news, though, is that you can do something.

Reforestation makes sense. And it's already happening!

Reforesting means replacing lost trees and forest areas with new plantings. However, for reforestation to be useful, there is little point in planting the same trees in line, as is the case in classical forestry.

Instead, a diverse habitat must be created. Smaller and larger trees, coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs together form a mixed forest that, thanks to its versatility, can accommodate a multitude of living things.

In addition, mixed planting does not unilaterally extract nutrients from the soil, and the different plants support each other in their prosperity. Gardeners already know that the shade and root system of larger trees provide protection for the smaller plants, and that the flora and fauna of healthy mixed forests depend on each other throughout the life cycle of all inhabitants.

If you want to reforest sustainably, you have to do more than simply plant trees. The right trees have to be in the right place. Meanwhile, sustainable growers and farmers all over the world are doing their bit in a small-scale style and are standing up to the large, forest-eating monocultures with their models.

NIKIN joins in!

For the forests of this world to give us a long life and a rest, we are part of the effort to equip the planet with new trees. For every article you buy at NIKIN, we plant a tree. Of course not - we cooperate with our partner OneTreePlanted. Worldwide, the organization is working to plant new trees where the forest recedes. 

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  • Baumgartner Kurt: May 23, 2019

    Wie stellt ihr sicher, dass One TreePlanted entsprechend euren Absichten und Abmachungen handelt ? Wo werden welche Bäume gepflanzt ? Danke fürs feedback

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