Thanks to your efforts, we are planting young trees!

Our two tree planting projects in December: Greece and Romania

Together with our community and One Tree Planted, we are committed to monthly tree planting projects around the world. In December, we are supporting two reforestation projects in Greece and Romania. You can find out more about the two projects in this blog.

Project in Ostattika - Greece

Our project in Greece aims to combat the effects of the forest fires in the Ostattika region near Athens since 2018. By planting 40,000 trees, including cypresses, carob trees, laurels and Judas trees, we aim not only to restore ecological diversity, but also to improve the quality of life of the community. The planting campaign covers several locations and enables animals that have moved to inhabited areas due to habitat loss to return to their natural environment. 

NIKIN CH | OTP tree planting project in Ostattika, Greece
Picture: This scrubland was destroyed by extensive fires and is now being reforested.

Project in Transylvania - Romania

The project in Romania focuses on the restoration of wind-damaged forest areas in the Eastern Carpathians. Monocultures of spruce, which are susceptible to extreme weather events, are to be replaced by a natural mixture of spruce, beech and pine. The project not only promotes biodiversity, but also actively integrates the local community into planting and maintenance measures, thereby creating jobs.

NIKIN CH | Our OTP tree planting project in Romania
Picture: This windswept landscape is being replanted.

Sustainable reforestation and social commitment

Our projects go beyond mere reforestation. With these projects, we not only want to strengthen the ecosystem, but also create benefits for the local communities. In Greece, for example, the air quality and aesthetic value of the region is greatly improved, while in Romania long-term jobs are created by involving the local community.

NIKIN CH | Planting trees together with the community
Image: The local community benefits from newly created jobs.

Together for a greener world

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond planting trees. We believe in the power of community and that together we can make the world a better place. Would you like to get involved too? For every NIKIN product you buy, we plant a Tree. Together we make the world greener - #treebytree!

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