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Stock up on men's jackets from NIKIN !

The NIKIN men's jackets are all wonderful companions for your adventures in nature, but also in the city. We have many different men's jackets in our range, which we are constantly expanding: Depending on the season, we have men's winter jackets, men's rain jackets and men's transition jackets. Like all our articles and products, our men's jackets are also made as sustainably and environmentally conscious as possible. Thus, NIKIN looks very closely at issues such as materials, resources, manufacturing, packaging and shipping and is constantly developing next. Our men's jackets are all made in Europe. Europe as a manufacturing location for sustainable men's jackets has several advantages. For one thing, the delivery routes are shorter than if the manufacturer of our men's jackets were on another continent. On the other hand, it is easier for us to visit our production sites and gain insight into the manufacturing process on site, as well as to check compliance with our social standards. We really appreciate that the producers of our men's jackets, as well as all other articles, are always very open to these visits and are very happy to invite us to their factories....

When it comes to materials, we prefer to use natural fibres because they are natural substances and can thus be added back to the earth. However, synthetic fabrics like polyester can increase the durability of men's jackets and other products. Therefore, we sometimes compromise because we believe that clothing that can be used for a long time also has a certain advantage in terms of sustainability. In the product descriptions of our men's jackets you can read what the garment is made of, where it was made and how you can care for it. This way, your newcomer to the wardrobe will stay beautiful for a long time. A list of all the materials used at NIKIN and what we value about them can be found here. here. You can also see the values we have designed and manufactured our men's jackets with in mind. You can also find our entire sustainability commitment online: here you can browse and read all about our values and strategies.

Packaging and shipping of the men's jackets are also designed for sustainability

When the men's jackets come to us from the manufacturers, the men's jackets are not individually packed in plastic bags, as is often the case for logistical reasons. We make a conscious effort to eliminate the need for plastic by specially stacking the men's jackets according to size and colour. In this way, we save plastic and the manufacturers are also made aware of sustainability. next has different packaging sizes when it comes to bringing your new items to your home. We don't send empty air (only your men's jackets) and we do without any additional packaging or filling material whenever possible. Finally, the shipping from us to you is also CO2-compensated. So you can shop online with a clear conscience and take your time to find out under which conditions, with which materials and for which reasons your men's jackets from NIKIN were produced.

For those who still prefer to try on their men's jackets in the shop, we offer further options. We have over 150 partner shops. Many of them carry our men's jackets, such as rain jackets for men, and have physical shops that you can visit and discover. You can view a list with a corresponding map here at any time. If you can't find a shop with NIKIN men's jackets in your area, let us know. We are always looking for new partner shops. Maybe you know one and we will soon be available around the corner from you! Please make sure that you follow the washing recommendations exactly when buying your men's jackets or other articles from us and thus ensure that your new garment stays beautiful for a long time. This also contributes to the sustainability of your product, such as NIKIN men's jackets. The longer you can wear a garment, the better it is for the environment.

Plant with NIKIN Men's Jackets Trees

As usual at NIKIN, we plant a Tree for every purchase of a product like Men's Jackets. The Tree of your purchased product will be used for a specific project. For which one exactly, you can choose new with the TreeTracker from NIKIN . With your order number you will find out in which country and for which reasons your Tree is planted and also what kind of Tree it is and which other organizations are involved. The planted Tree for the products like men jackets is still very small at the beginning. Once grown, however, it is of great benefit to the world. All our tree projects succeed in collaboration with One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to planting trees.

Trees are also very important to us internally in our offices. For example, we only use tree-free paper made from sugar cane waste. We have a small recycling point in our canteen and ask our employees to separate waste and dispose of it properly. Thanks to up to 15 days of home office, our NIKIN team saves on energy and oil consumption, as they travel to work much less often. However, this is voluntary: everyone is allowed to come to the office as often as he or she likes. next is also involved in TreePlantingDays and Cleanup Days locally in Switzerland to plant trees and inspire people to produce less waste. So you see, the NIKIN men's jackets come from a team of nature fans!

These are your advantages when you buy sustainable men's jackets

Of course, no consumption is the most environmentally friendly. If you still need new clothes like men's jackets from time to time, then it's worth leaving fast fashion providers behind and turning to brands that have tried to move towards more sustainability from the very beginning. Even we at NIKIN are not perfect and we always find things and process steps that we can optimise. And that's what we try to do! In doing so, we are always helped by the feedback and wishes of our customers as well as the NIKIN values, which clearly define nature and the environment as important and as a decisive factor in decision-making processes. This means you can browse through our men's jackets with a clear conscience and buy clothes made from selected materials. In addition, you are sending a clear signal that you care about the trees and the rest of nature and are thus already making a small difference.

Enough men's jackets? Then browse through our men's clothing: discover sustainable jumpers for men, cool shirts for men, long and short trousers for men, comfortable pyjamas for men or swimming trunks for men. It's cool that you're shopping with us and changing the world "Tree by Tree"!