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TreeJacket Corduroy Unisex

SFr. 74.90 SFr. 149.90

Women's jackets: sustainably and fairly produced in Europe

Our women's jackets are extremely popular. Not only because they are produced sustainably and fairly, but also because the NIKIN women's jackets are of high quality and convince with cool cuts. What's more, our women's jackets are affordable for everyone and easy to order online. But more about that later. First, we want to tell you how and why we produce sustainably and fairly and where our women's jackets come from. Like all our clothes, our women's jackets come from Europe. They are holistically produced on European soil and under fair conditions. We visit our production partners regularly and like to look behind the scenes of the production of women's jackets. In doing so, we also note that our Sustainability criteria are adhered to. This way you can be sure that your NIKIN women's jackets are really produced sustainably and fairly. We also use sustainable decision-making criteria when it comes to materials. We prefer natural, renewable raw materials to synthetic fabrics and materials. Of course, it should be noted that some women's jackets cannot be made of cotton for functional reasons....

A women's rain jacket, for example, requires a water-repellent fabric and that's why we use recycled polyester or other innovative fabrics for women's rain jackets that are waterproof or wind stopper jackets for women. However, many of our women's jackets tend to be made from organic cotton and make great spring jackets for women or outdoor jackets for women. If you want to know more about our Choice of material If you want to find out more about the environmental impact of women's jackets, you can do so quickly and easily on our website. In addition to the production and choice of materials, the transport of women's jackets also plays a big role when it comes to environmental awareness. Our women's jackets are not individually packed in plastic bags and arrive at your home climate-compensated thanks to the Swiss Post and DHL GoGreen. This allows you to shop online with a clear conscience and have your desired items conveniently delivered to your home. If you still prefer to shop for women's jackets locally, you can do so in one of our over 150 partner shops.

Get your new women's jackets now from NIKIN

Of course, not all of our partner shops have our entire range on offer. If you are looking for specific women's jackets, we recommend that you shop directly on the website. In addition to a lightweight jacket for women, you can also find an outdoor jacket for women or a transitional jacket for women. Of course, we also have a women's winter jacket. We don't always have winter jackets for women on offer, but we certainly do when it's the winter season again! Of course, the winter jacket for women is also produced sustainably and fairly. And very important: We plant a tree for every women's jacket that is bought. We have been doing this since the beginnings of NIKIN with the purchase of every product such as women's jackets. We have already planted over 1.5 million trees and the number is growing every day. Tree planting is only possible thanks to our partner One Tree Planted. Together with them, new forests are created all over the world or existing forests are strengthened and reforested after a drought or a forest fire. By buying women's jackets from NIKIN you make the world a little greener and, depending on the project, also help the local people. With fruit trees, for example, additional food security can be ensured or a family can be guaranteed a regular income. Now you can help with the TreeTracker also see where exactly and for which project the purchase of, for example, women's jackets your tree will be used. We have also developed a similar model for our manufacturers. With the FactoryTracker you can see who makes your women's jackets, where and what else the company makes and does via the product name. Both trackers are an important part of another important factor when it comes to sustainability: transparency. We want to give you the opportunity to find out more about us before you buy NIKIN women's jackets and still get all the relevant information afterwards.

Women's jackets for every occasion

Thanks to our wide range of women's jackets, you are guaranteed to find the right model for your needs. On our website, you will find more information about the care of the product and the materials used. If you ever have any questions, you can always contact our customer service or follow us on social media. We look forward to seeing you and your purchase! Have you looked at all our women's jackets? Or is it not yet the season to look for a winter jacket for women? Then discover more beautiful women's clothing now: Stock up on jumpers for women and find matching trousers for women! Or treat yourself to a new swimming costume for women. We also have shirts for women and pyjamas for women on offer for you. All sustainably produced in Europe.