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Sleep soundly and well in our pyjamas for women

The NIKIN pyjamas for women are made of special, very soft 100% organic cotton fabric. So you can snuggle up and chill out on the couch or in your bed. Our cotton pyjamas for women consist of a top and a bottom, which you can buy separately. The women's cotton pyjamas are fairly produced in Europe, more precisely in Portugal. Making our beautiful women's pyjamas in Europe is a conscious choice. Like all our women's clothing, our women's pyjamas are made in Europe. We value the proximity to our producers of ladies pyjamas for several reasons. Firstly, it saves on transport for our ladies pyjamas. Secondly, personal relationships and on-site visits are so easy and quick. Thanks to our Sustainability criteria it is quite possible for us to assess whether our standards are being met during an on-site visit....

Our manufacturers of items like women's pyjamas strive to produce sustainably in many ways. Some have or are planning solar panels for their own electricity needs. Others optimise their machines and cutting patterns so that there is less material waste. We also focus on natural and recycled options when choosing materials. Especially for women's pyjamas, the fabric is important for comfort and the sleeping experience. The fabric of the pyjamas for women is kept extra soft and also thin, so that you are at your best in every season. That's why we chose organic cotton. We like the fact that organic cotton is a natural fabric and therefore also degradable. To give you more choice, the pyjama trousers for women as well as the pyjama top for women are available in several colours. We offer the ladies pyjamas in the sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. This means that we are size-inclusive and you are sure to find the right size of pyjamas for women. The long-sleeved pyjamas for women are also sustainable.

That's why the NIKIN pyjamas for women are sustainable

The pyjamas for women are sustainable, because we take sustainability criteria into account in production as well as in the selection of materials, and we give a lot of thought to a possible environmental impact. You can check out the considerations and the different manufacturers independently and transparently on our Website view. With FactoryTracker, you can find the manufacturer of your item, such as women's pyjamas, on an interactive map and more. find out. When transporting the goods to our logistics department, we avoid unnecessary packaging and individual plastic bags for the respective articles. We send goods such as women's pyjamas to customers in a climate-compatible manner using Swiss Post and DHL GoGreen. Here, too, we use no filling material and no further packaging whenever possible. In addition, hangtags and the tree certificate for the purchase of ladies' pyjamas are always made of tree-free paper. This paper is made from the waste of the sugar cane industry.

For every purchase of ladies pyjamas, we plant a tree. We do this with all NIKIN items when they are purchased. We have already planted over 1.5 million trees. These are located all over the world and have been used for various projects related to reforestation and forest protection. With the purchase of a pair of women's pyjamas you are planting two trees at the same time. Because you buy a women's pyjama top and a pair of pyjama trousers separately, there are two new trees. You can always use your order number to find out where your pajama tree will be planted. All you need is the TreeTracker. You will also find more detailed information about the type of tree, the goal of the project and other specifics. The tree planting is done in cooperation with our partner One Tree Planted. This partner is based in Canada and is a non-profit organisation.

When will there be a new cotton pyjama set for women?

When it comes to pyjamas for women, it's always worth keeping your eyes and ears open. We inform you about new collections, which may also include pyjamas for women, via our social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest. You can of course buy our pyjamas for women online or at selected partner shops. You can find them on the following Map. Please note that not all of our partner shops carry all NIKIN products in their assortment. Therefore, if you really want our pyjamas for women, it is best to order online. NIKIN is a young Swiss brand that produces clothing (such as pyjamas for women), shoes and accessories in a sustainable way. The focus is on sustainable production in Europe, careful selection of materials and tree planting. But social commitment is also part of our DNA. For example, we organise an annual Cleanup Day to raise awareness of recycling and waste disposal, and we clearly stand up for an open and inclusive society. We also own an electric car for business purposes and purchase office inventory from second-hand sources.

By the way, the pajamas for women are also available in a Unisex version, which can be worn by women and men. Basically, our entire men's range is designed as Unisex and is therefore for everyone. You already have pajamas for ladies? Or shopped enough pajamas for ladies for today? Then discover now sweaters for women, pants for women, the swimsuit for women, shirts for women and women jackets! Check it out!