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trees planted

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Trees planted

trees planted

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That's what makes the NIKIN shirts for ladies so special!

Welcome to the category "Shirts for women". This category is one of our richest in articles! In the women's shirts section you will find items such as women's T-shirts, women's long shirts, women's polo shirts, women's functional shirts and women's sports shirts. As with all our products, we plant a tree for every item purchased in the women's shirts section. The Canadian non-profit organisation One Tree Planted is our partner for tree planting. The tree is planted where it is needed. We have many different projects around the world that we support. The local population and local authorities are also brought on board. The tree planting projects are really spread all over the globe: partly in the Amazon or in Iceland, but also in Germany, Africa or Indonesia. Thanks to the TreeTracker you can easily and quickly find out where the tree for your purchased product is located. All you need is your order number....

But not only the planted tree is a special feature of our shirts for women. The sustainability aspect is another important part within our range of sustainable shirts for women. But what exactly makes our women's shirts sustainable? Firstly, our efforts to avoid wasting plastic and resources. That's why our articles reach you without plastic packaging and in the smallest possible parcels. We do not send air! Even from the manufacturer to us, the individual shirts for women are not packed individually in a plastic bag. We use leftovers from the production of shirts to make other shirts (e.g. the Reuse Collection) or the cases for our TreeGlasses. In this way, new cool products are created from the "waste" from the production of shirts for women.

More about the production of the NIKIN shirts for women

Another component of our sustainability strategy is the production of our shirts for women in Europe. With the exception of the steel water bottles, all our products are made in Europe. This allows us to know exactly where our women's shirts are made and under what conditions. Of course, we visit our manufacturers of ladies' shirts whenever possible, as we value direct and personal exchange. We are happy to point out the possibility of purchasing sustainability certificates. However, we also work with smaller family-run businesses that simply do not have the resources to acquire them. Therefore, not only a sustainability certificate is decisive, but also our personal visit and our own assessment.

next we are careful to favour organic cotton and other organic fabrics (we also have a linen product) for the materials used in our sustainable shirts for women. Melted fabrics contain a small amount of recycled polyester. next the distance between the raw material supplier and the factory can mean that we prefer normal cotton for the women's shirts if the organic cotton would have to be transported over long distances. Finally, emissions and oil consumption are also part of the sustainability calculation. next the shirts for women, such as tank tops for women, long shirts for women and polo shirts for women, are designed to be as timeless as possible. In this way, we want to make it possible for you to wear your garment across trends.

What sizes are available for women's shirts at

For those who like larger T-shirts for women, we recommend the men's or Unisex department. The classic design allows women to wear these shirts as well. The classic sizes for the NIKIN shirts for women range from XS to XL. So you will definitely find the right size. We also have a large selection of colors for the shirts for women. In addition, you can also find shirts for women with special features, such as a chest pocket or a beautiful graphic design! By the way, most of the tops come either from the European part of Istanbul or from Portugal. We have already visited both locations. You can find the many videos here. Fun Fact: the NIKIN logo, the coniferous tree, is not something printed on, but embroidered. It takes 797 stitches to make the tree fit!

But enough reading, now it's time for you to explore all the shirts for women and find your new favourite piece. So what's it going to be for you? Ladies long sleeve shirt or ladies basic shirt? Or another option?

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