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Christmas 2022: this time with a sustainable Christmas tree?

So which is the most sustainable Christmas tree? The real one, the plastic one or simply no Christmas tree? We have investigated.

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it the anticipation of the festivities - including the decoration of the house. The Christmas tree is a central part of this. But here, too, many people are increasingly asking the question: How do I combine tradition with the new need for sustainability? Is there such a thing as a sustainable Christmas tree?

Christmas Tree

Sustainable Christmas tree: this is what bothers you about the real tree

The conventional fir tree that we decorate for the festive season is a consumer good like many others. Real Christmas trees are grown in plantations, i.e. extensive monocultures. The young trees grow for a few years among their "peers". Once they have reached the desired size, they are cut down, sold, decorated - and disposed of again after a few days. In view of the threat to forests worldwide, this is a practice that seems increasingly questionable.

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Sustainable Christmas tree: the alternatives

Those who no longer want to resort to a short-lived and then "used up" Tree has other options. Probably the most sustainable: bouquets or flower arrangements made of fir branches or other conifers, which you can take from the forest floor without damage. Of course, this is far from the classic Tree, but for the environment and resource conservation it is worth it.

Alternative to Christmas tree

Sustainable Christmas tree: simply rent

It may also be a whole Tree - but with roots. It is now possible to rent sustainable Christmas trees. These are then called "living Christmas trees". You can get a Normann fir from 39 francs. But you can't keep it in your warm room forever. The sustainable Christmas tree for rent is after about 7 days gladly back outside in the cold. You also have to water it, otherwise it will be nothing with the proud Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. In this sense, even this variant with transport and water consumption is not climate neutral.

Christmas decoration

Sustainable Christmas tree: made of plastic and with design

Plastic trees are also a possible alternative. Depending on the source, however, these are only considered sustainable if you use them for a long time. Some articles speak of up to 16 to 17 years. Here, everyone has to decide for himself or herself whether he or she really wants to use the same plastic tree for so long. There are also artificial trees made of wood, stainless steel or wrought iron. Whether these are suitable as a sustainable Christmas tree must be assessed in each case with a view to the place of manufacture, transport and material.

Fir tree

Sustainable Christmas tree: it remains a trade-off

Now it's up to you to weigh up what suits your needs and for what and how long you need your sustainable Christmas tree. Those of us who are not really attached to the Christmas tree can do without it altogether for the sake of nature and make a small alternative out of found branches. For those who don't want to give up the beloved tradition altogether, there are a variety of alternatives, all of which have their corrections and can be quite sustainable if handled properly.

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