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"naNea" by OceanSafe - the future of synthetic materials

One of the challenges in environmental protection is the question of the origin of materials in the clothing industry and what happens to the fibers used when garments are disposed of. Innovative approaches are helping to reduce the burden on the planet - including "naNea" by OceanSafe.

The synthetic textile material naNea was developed by OceanSafe . OceanSafe is all about revolutionary synthetic yarns and fibers. The materials offered can compete with the currently widespread natural and synthetic fibers in terms of wearing comfort. However, they are made from degradable polyester and thus rely on a recyclable material.

The basis for the collection is a co-polymer that has achieved the material health platinum for the biological cycle according to Cradle to Cradle®. The result is a robust material that can be industrially composted or chemically recycled at the end of its life cycle. Another advantage of the recyclable material is the complete absence of other toxins.

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Advantages for producers and consumers

Sustainability must be worthwhile - for both sides. Consumers of sustainable fashion already appreciate products made from textiles like naNea. The garments are kind to the skin and breathable.

At the same time, OceanSafe commits its cooperation partners to a take-back offer: Those who do not want to upcycle worn items can return them to the cycle via the instructions in the QR code on the label. For manufacturers like us, this means an exciting cooperation that corresponds exactly to our visions.

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Wide range of application possibilities

The robust, comfortable yarns from naNea lend themselves to the production of sustainable clothing, but can also be used elsewhere, such as for furniture upholstery, according to OceanSafe. Partner manufacturers choose what they need from the so-called "textile construction kit.

This contains materials and components based on naNea and other materials that are Cradle to Cradle® Certifed Gold for the biological cycle.

Available are:

  • Fibers and yarns
  • Finished fabrics
  • Sustainable chemicals and colors
  • Accessories and trimmings
  • Packages

With the products currently on offer, eighty percent of the materials used in the fashion industry, for example, could be replaced.

Among the companies already using naNea are well-known brands such as Otto, Stotz, Manufactum, Dorbena, Almedahls, Pfister and Sonnhaus.

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Sustainable synthetics for everyday life

Not only synthetic fibers are a problem for environmentalists. The natural fiber cotton, with its enormous water requirements, is also a burden on the planet. naNea offers an alternative to the production of high-quality eco fashion, the potential of which the fashion industry is only just becoming aware of.

We also want to make the innovative ecological material accessible to you and with the TreeShirt Circular we now have a fully circular product in our range for the first time. The Circular Collection contains the TreeShirt in a Unisex- and Women version, both are fully degradable. In addition we take back the worn TreeShirts to be composted industrially.

Image: "I am 100% circular!" - our TreeShirt Circular. 

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