NIKIN Clean Up Day

18 September 2021

What is Clean Up Day? 

Clean Up Day is a worldwide day of action in which dedicated volunteers rid the environment of litter. It takes place on the third Saturday in September. The aim of NIKIN Clean Up Day is to raise awareness and sensitize the Swiss population to the problem of waste and thus achieve sustainable change.

People should be motivated to reduce their daily waste and work towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment. To increase the incentive and counteract the CO2 emission of waste incineration, NIKIN plants one Tree per kilogram of waste.


The locations

Basel, Bern, Lenzburg and Zurich.
The Clean Up actions will take place in each city between 10:00 and 14:00. 

Register now

Too late! Sorry, the registration deadline has already passed. See you at the next Clean Up Day!

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